14th Annual Neustadt JAAMM

18th Annual Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Lecture

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Stream began November 15, 2020 11:00 PM UTC
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The Holocaust Awareness Institute at the University of Denver’s Center for Judaic Studies, in partnership with the Mizel Arts and Culture Center’s Neustadt JAAMM Fest, present

18th Annual Fred Marcus Memorial Holocaust Lecture

The Specter of Nazism Since World War II

A Lecture and Discussion with Dr. Gavriel D. Rosenfeld

Since the collapse of the Third Reich, anxieties remain about a resurrection of Nazism in the form of a “Fourth Reich.” Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld explores how postwar nightmares of resurgent antisemitism and a future Holocaust have influenced Western political, intellectual, and cultural life since the end of World War II.

The specter of Nazism mobilized the conscience of liberal postwar democracies, otherwise history might have taken a very different course. From the transformation of Nazism into a source of pop culture entertainment in the 1970s, to the contemporary embrace of a “Fourth Reich” by authoritarian populists and neo-Nazis, Dr. Gavriel Rosenfeld presents a timely analysis in an era of surging right-wing politics.

Dr. Rosenfeld is Professor of History at Fairfield University (Connecticut) and director of the Program in Judaic Studies. His areas of specialization include the history of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, memory studies, and counterfactual history. He is the author of numerous books, including The Fourth Reich: The Specter of Nazism from World War II to the Present (Cambridge University Press, 2019), Hi Hitler! How the Nazi Past is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Building after Auschwitz: Jewish Architecture and the Memory of the Holocaust (Yale University Press, 2011), and The World Hitler Never Made: Alternate History and the Memory of Nazism (Cambridge University Press, 2005). He is the editor of What Ifs of Jewish History: From Abraham to Zionism (Cambridge University Press, 2016) and the Journal of Holocaust Research.

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