Microplastic Madness  マイクロプラスチック・ストーリー

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An inspiring feature documentary with a powerful youth "take action" message!

Microplastic Madness is an optimistic take on the local and global plastic pollution crisis as told through a refreshing urban youth point of view with an inspiring take action message.

Fifth graders from PS 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn - a community on the frontline of Climate Change - spent 2 years investigating plastic pollution. Taking on the roles of citizen scientists, community leaders, and advocates, these 10-11 year olds collect local data, lead community outreach, and use their impressive data to inform policy, testifying and rallying at City Hall. They take the deep dive into the root causes of plastic pollution, bridging the connection between plastic, climate change, and environmental justice before turning their focus back to school. There they take action to rid their cafeteria of all single-use plastic, driving forward city-wide action and a scalable, youth-led plastic-free movement.

With stop-motion animation, heartfelt kid commentary, and interviews of experts and renowned scientists, this alarming, yet uplifting narrative conveys an urgent message in user-friendly terms with a take action message to spark youth-led plastic free action in schools everywhere. The film has been accepted to 37 film festivals and received 7 awards.

“ATSUKO QUIRK & DEBBY LEE COHEN, have created a film about young people with big ideas and superior educational acumens about science and the environment... documenting the roots of environmental activism in a new generation. It is a 360 view of environmental protection and justice. Packed with information — delivered by kids in 5th grade— who are enthusiastic converts to environmental protection and education and improved policy.”- RAW SCIENCE FILM FESTIVAL

“Microplastic Madness is a MUST SEE documentary that includes rigorous science and masth, covering the gamut of Climate Crisis issues. It will beyond convince anyone to stop/reduce using plastics. It dramatically shows NYC teachers teaching and leading students to be activists and citizen scientists in a positive loving way.”- Adam Zaid, Math for America Master Teacher and NYC High School teacher at Queens School of Inquiry

“The task of building a sustainable society will require a crusade against petrochemical energy and plastics companies. We are fortunate to have kids like Grets Thunberg and these fifth graders on the front lines.”- CounterPunch review by Louis Proyect

マイクロプラスチック・ストーリー 〜ぼくらが作る2050年〜


ニューヨーク市、ブルックリン区のレッドフック地区は過去に大型台風で影響を受けた、気候変動のフロントラインにある。そこにある小学校、PS15 の5年生は、4年生からの2年間、ニューヨークのNPO、カフェテリア・カルチャーの主導によるプラスチック・フリー特別プログラムでリサーチやデータ収集を重ね、それを市議会で公表したり、自分たちの住む地域で啓発活動を重ねていく。そしてプラスチックはごみになってからだけでなく、生産の過程でも地球環境を汚染していること、そしてそれが気候変動に関わっていることを発見し、自分たちの学校のカフェテリアでアクションを起こし、それをニューヨーク市全体に広げて行く。映画では子供達の素朴な疑問を丁寧に重ねていきながら、専門家がそれに答えて行き、そしてアニメーションをふんだんに使ってこのプラスチック汚染問題を子供から大人までわかりやすく解き明かして行く。子供達のまっすぐな熱意から希望が滲み出るマイクロプラスチック・ストーリーは世界の世界の30以上の映画祭に選定され、7つの賞を受賞している

  • Year
  • Runtime
    76 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    LA premiere
  • Rating
  • Director
    Atsuko Quirk, Debby Lee Cohen
  • Producer
    Atsuko Quirk, Debby Lee Cohen
  • Cast
    P.S. 15, Red Hook, Brooklyn 5th graders