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History...but this is "Herstory".

The role of Nikkei (Japanese descent) who was never small in Hawaiian history. What kind of history and hardship did the Nikkei women have?

Valuable testimonies of Japanese Americans, especially the elderly Nisei second generation, about their their parents Issei first immigration, life on the plantation, women during World War II, and their contributed in building Hawaii society after the war.

This movie will document the history (Herstory) and "Gambari (Effort)" of Japanese women who immigrated to Hawaii and Japanese American women who were born in Hawaii.

Okagesama de (Thanks to you)...

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Message from director:

マウイは、前作『Go for Broke! Memories of Hawaii Japanese Nisei』で証言してくれた多くの二世ベテランや、私のNPOがサポートと交流をしているKansha Preschoolがあります。ハワイ訪問時には毎回マウイにも足を延ばして、二世やプリスクールの子供やスタッフと交流をしておりました。ですので、今回の被災に、胸が張り裂けそうな想いになり、大変落ち込みました。


『Okagesama de』マウイ日系組織へのドネーション


  • Year
  • Runtime
    112 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Rating
    English only
  • Director
    Hiroyuki Matsumoto
  • Screenwriter
    Hiroyuki Matsumoto
  • Producer
    Hiroyuki Matsumoto
  • Cast
    Barbara Kawakami, Yoshiaki Fujitani, Norman Sakata