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YOU DO YOU NO MATTER WHO: PART 1 (9 films•Ages 8-18)

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(Ages 8-18) Benjamin Giroux, a 10-year-old autistic boy from New York, wrote a poem called "I Am Odd" for a school project. The poem went viral and inspired this song using Ben's lyrics. A talented young 2D animator, Rory Russell, was approached to tell Ben's story in a simple animated music video to help raise autism awareness.
(Ages 8-15) Because of his Asperger's, Charlie struggles with team sports, but has found he loves surfing and dancing. We follow Charlie through ups and downs at surf camp.
(Ages 8-18) This is a film about learning to have positive thoughts about ourselves and how self-perception is so important to our mental health.
(Ages 8-15) Ole's friend Benni has Down syndrome. But that never bothered Ole...until the big swimming leisure time is approaching and the other children in the club don't want Benni to come with them. Now Ole has to choose one side.
(Ages 5-18) The healing power of human-canine connection in combatting anxiety and isolation for people of all ages, through the lens of mounting mental health crisis in teens, overcoming learning disabilities. and isolation during covid.
(Ages 12-18) Rockland Relay follows Rachel, a young girl whose parents move her across the country just as she is about to start high school.
(Ages 10-18) This is a film about the diverse nature of beauty and learning to accept yourself.
(Ages 14-18) Damián suffers bullying from his classmates because of their suspicion about his sexual orientation.
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9 films • 1h33m • Ages 8-18

With artistry and humor, short films about building bridges and finding common ground across differences.

The healing power of human-canine connection in combatting anxiety and isolation for people of all ages, through the lens of mounting mental health crisis in teens, overcoming learning disabilities and isolation during covid.

Juror comments: As a dog owner, I like this student documentary film, They're the Reason, a lot! I relate to some of the stories because COVID forced me to attend sixth grade at home. When I feel sad that I am missing out on new experiences, my dog Khaleesi is always there for me. She knows when I am sad and cuddles with me whenever I need it.

This short film talks about how dogs can truly help with people's mental health. It shows four different teenagers with different health issues like ADHD, depression, dyspepsia, or anxiety, and how their dogs help them cope. Animals have been proven to make people feel better whenever they are in a state of depression or sadness.

I like that this film confirms how dogs really can help humans deal with life and its challenges, day by day. I identify with this film because I believe I have ADD and, whenever I come home, my dog makes me feel better and helps me focus on my homework. The camera work is okay, nothing terrific, but it works for this documentary. There are a variety of locations, mostly at the teenagers’ houses, rooms, or neighborhood streets. It shows how service dogs and animal support dogs are helping people cope with mental illness and other issues. My favorite part was watching the bond between the dogs and their teenage owners.

The message is that dogs are not only human's best friends, but human’s best natural medication too.

I give They’re the Reason 5 out of 5 stars and recommended it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. By Ethan P., KIDS FIRST!

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    United States
  • Director
    Lila Rae Katz
  • Screenwriter
    Lila Rae Katz
  • Producer
    Lila Rae Katz, Lucas Habte
  • Cinematographer
    Leah Gallant, Eric Phillips-Horst
  • Editor
    Raul Santos