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ADVENTURES ON LAND AND SEA (2 films•Ages 6-18)

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2 films • 54min • Ages 6-18

Two films featuring kids devoted to their passions: hiking the Grand Canyon, wing foiling across the ‘Alenuihāhā Channel. 

On August 6, 2020, eleven-year-old Bobo Gallagher became the first person ever to cross the ʻAlenuihāhā Channel on a wing and a foil and only the second documented solo crossing of that crossing in history. This is his story.

Juror comments: A Boy's Journey: Crossing The ʻAlenuihāhā Channel is very appealing! Bobo's accomplishment is impressive and stunning. Learning about Bobo's backstory helps you understand his motivation. The location for this solo crossing is beautiful. The statistics about his solo crossing are mind-boggling.

This documentary follows eleven-year-old Bobo as he completes the second-ever solo crossing of the Alenuihaha Channel, the most difficult channel in Hawaii. He is also the first-ever person to cross it using a wing and foil. This documentary covers Bobo's pre-riding events, interviews with friends, family, and experts, as well as footage of his crossing.

The film is detailed, informative, and interesting. It includes small suspenseful and exciting moments that enhance its main plot and captured my attention. Its only shortcoming is that sometimes it gets a bit repetitive. I love how they include the history of native Hawaiians in crossing this channel. That puts things into perspective. The cinematography is terrific. I especially enjoyed the beautiful images of the island and the channel; they took my breath away. The only times when the cinematography doesn't quite hold up are some from the ship because parts of the boat block the shot. However, the locations are so breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn’t detract very much. The background music and sounds add a lot to the film. Bobo is the main star of this documentary, but we meet his family, friends, and others that were involved in helping him fulfill his goal. The director, Deveraux Gallagher, had a big influence on how we get to watch Bobo’s adventure. You appreciate Bobo’s impressive accomplishment more by learning about the history of the channel and how challenging it is. I was fascinated learning how the wing and foil work as I watched Bobo successfully using them. Watching his crossing is totally exhilarating! I felt as if I was flying alongside him. Bobo definitely inspired me to pursue my own dreams and be more confident. He has such a great personality and is so talented.

The message of this film is to believe in yourself and do what you love to do. It shows a young boy undertaking a risky challenge, but taking appropriate precautions to do it, including the help of adults and professionals.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, plus adults. It is inspirational, encouraging, and entertaining. This is a perfect film for a youth or family film festival. It takes place in Hawaii and would definitely appeal to those engaged in water sports. Reviewed by Kyla C. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST!

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Deveraux Gallagher
  • Producer
    Duotone Producer
  • Cast
    Bobo Gallagher, Archie Kalepa, Josh Riccio, Kai Lenny, Suzie Conney, Matt Smith, Keegan Conway, David Sacco, Sky Solbach, Ken Winner
  • Cinematographer
    Jace Panebianco, Amanda Cantor Beenen, Deveraux Gallagher, Blake Hill