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Based upon the legend of Sisyphus and using the voice of the late-philosopher Alan Watts, "Yurodivy" explores contemporary humankind’s relentless pursuit for wealth and happiness.
ASHES, The myth of the heron and the 62 lakes (CENDRES, La légende du héron et des 62 lacs)
Over time, nature willfully and circumstantially adapts to its environment, but when the cyclical clash between evolution and cataclysm occurs, nature’s fight to reclaim its place often leaves scars that endure for many seasons.
Modus H2O
Immersed in blue underwater light, classic flamenco meets contemporary dance and experimental electronic music. Using the stylistic devices of contemporary dance and a deconstructed flamenco, "Modus H2O" explores the aggregate states of water and their effects on people and the environment.
A man needs to confront his past before he can move on.
eye to eye
While watching a scorpion battle a spider, a girl lies down in the bathtub and wakes up in the blackness of her subconscious, where she encounters her own shadow. To return to reality, she has to defeat a past self.
"Kojamo" is a kinetic story about moving against the current upon returning upstream.
how to outline grief
Different water worlds – sea, snow, tears, bodies – collide as grief is poetically explored through movement and landscape.
Urban Genesis (Genèse urbaine)
Phuong is released from prison and returns to her native village. She finds Khang, her childhood sweetheart. Khang runs a brickyard, but everything has changed; modernity is shaking up the world of his memories.

The problems we face, from environmental degradation to political unrest, seem insurmountable – a ceaseless tide – but these films also remind us that we are anchored to one another. Screendance works from around the globe invite us to listen, immerse ourselves in stories of resilience and courage, of memories and new beginnings. Akin to the ancient mythology of a World Turtle which embodies the idea of an infinite regress, this collection of films contemplates the social geography of suffering and survival.

(~56 min TRT)

While watching the battle of the scorpion against the spider, the girl lies down in the bathtub and wakes up in the black cube, her subconscious. There she encounters her own shadow. To return to reality, she has to defeat her past self. A movie dance about the search for strength and character.

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    Aleksandra Suvorova