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After attending a friends perfect wedding, Christine, a commitment-averse 30 year old, finds herself in a much avoided situation when Alex, her hopeless-romantic boyfriend of 2 years, proposes to her. Unable to give an answer, Christine is forced into a tough position when Alex starts packing his bags. Trying to stop him from leaving, Christine has an emotional breakdown that inevitably leads to the two of them finally being honest about how they really feel about the other. As their pointed insults become more personal it is clear that either this is going to end in a real break up or possibly the best sex of their lives.

  • Runtime
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Portlynn Tagavi
  • Screenwriter
    Portlynn Tagavi, Brandon Gale
  • Producer
    Richard Bailey
  • Executive Producer
    Maor Azran, Sera Chang
  • Cinematographer
    Delaney O'Brien
  • Editor
    Farzad Kiyafar
  • Music
    Ying-Ling Dang