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Spooky, frightening, alien, and imaginative, this program has everything for horror and sci-fi-seeking audiences. From tales of family hauntings to dystopian societies, these filmmakers delve into the genre that critics and viewers have long discussed as closely reflecting, and refracting, human nature.

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Total Run Time: 96 minutes

This program will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Programmed by Guest Festival Shorts Programmer, Emily Eddy.

Content Considerations: Strong language, implied sexual situations, self-harm, harassment, depictions of disordered eating, depictions of violence, implied violence.

Haunted by recurrent dreams, Carl Milton, a painter, wanders aimlessly in the desolate countryside. When a black wolf-dog from one of his sketches materializes, he follows it to a mysterious farmhouse, where he meets an old woman. Weary from his journeys, and mesmerized by the likeness of the place to the haunting visions of his dreams, Carl accepts the woman’s offer of temporary abode and employment. In the course of his stay, the world of his dreams and the reality of the countryside mix, leading him into the borderlands between the living and the dead.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    21 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Note
    English closed captions available
  • Director
    Nina Kotyantz
  • Screenwriter
    Nina Kotyantz
  • Producer
    Nina Kotyantz, Ara Woland
  • Co-Producer
    Francisco Pereira Coutinho
  • Cast
    Ara Woland, Jane Edwina Seymour, Logan Laurel, Driny
  • Cinematographer
    Shadi Chaaban
  • Editor
    Nina Kotyantz, Ara Woland
  • Production Design
    Nina Kotyantz
  • Sound Design
    Aaron Drake
  • Music
    Aaron Drake