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Track down the poachers with dogs. This is the order the Swiss veterinarian Marlene Zähner got from the Congo. Unique mountain gorillas and other wild animals live in the Virunga National Park, but rebels and poachers are threatening paradise.

In 2011, she unexpectedly received a phone call from Congo; the director of the park asked her to help with the rampant poaching. Marlene Zähner is an internationally sought-after specialist in man trailing. She trains bloodhounds and their guides to target criminals. But the plan turns out to be difficult: the rangers of the park have no experience with dogs and are frightened by the large animals. Most of the infrastructure has been destroyed – there are hardly any stores. Everything Marlene needs for her dog squad has to be imported from Switzerland. All of a sudden, smoldering conflict breaks out, and she finds herself caught between the war fronts. But despite the constant adversity, she continues her work undeterredly. Six times a year she travels to the Congo for two weeks a time to advance the anti-poaching project.

  • Year
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  • Director
    Verena Endtner
  • Screenwriter
    Verena Endtner
  • Producer
    Dan Riesen