New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2022

Joey Skaggs: Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure, Wine & Fox, Urania Leilus, The House, Panta Rei, The Hauntings of New Hope - Shorts Program - Online for 24 Hours and In Person at 7PM!

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Urania Leilus – Andrew Serban (New York, New York)

A young female journalist is subjected to death threats and intimidation after witnessing human rights abuses at an ICE detention center for undocumented immigrant children. Urania Leilus is intended to be a warning about what might happen when a democracy succumbs to far-right extremists and descends into fascism — when immigrant children are ripped from their parents and locked up in cages without adequate food or medical care; when journalists and dissidents are regarded as “enemies of the people”, to be harassed, intimidated or "disappeared" by unidentified agents in unmarked vehicles — all of which have occurred (and continue to occur) in authoritarian regimes and have recently occurred in the United States. 2021; 21 min.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    21 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Andrew Serban
  • Screenwriter
    Andrew Serban
  • Producer
    Andrew Serban, Jacob Karim, Nora Bode
  • Filmmaker
    Andrew Serban
  • Cast
    Kate Garfield, Britt Michael Gordon, Matt Riker
  • Cinematographer
    Predrag Dubravcic
  • Editor
    Soojin Chung
  • Production Design
    Madeline Rocco
  • Composer
    James Hall
  • Sound Design
    James Hall