New Jersey Film Festival Fall 2022

2023 United States Super 8mm Film & Digital Video Festival Day 1/Program 1 - Short Films - Online for 24 hours and In-Person at 5PM!

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Even the legendary Achilles has moments of self-doubt. Achilles explores the Achilles syndrome, known as the fear of failure.
An experimental film examining the impact and influence of media.
Teething Problems
Tired of her housemate stealing her toiletries, Darcy takes a twisted revenge in this darkly comic parody of a 'How To' video.
Through different languages, this experimental work uses sound and visual poetry, presenting images with a non-linear flow of words in a context of exponential equations, making integrated use of the word, the meaning of the word, and the sound of the word.
broken home movies
A B&W experimental, avant-garde short film reflecting on the choice of motherhood.
A stark, experimental film. A mood. Exploring our fears of Armageddon, our lived isolation, and the haunting beauty of nature's persistence.
A trip behind and beneath the street-level skin of the city on the hidden paths of industrial history and once-and-future transit.
From Above
A woman encounters a UFO which ejects some material, including an odd crystal. She fashions it into a necklace which leads to a strange turn of events.
The Winter Fern
When a woman in 18th century Colonial America can no longer endure her husband's abuse she will stop at nothing to save her daughter from his wrath.
Egypt is a travel documentary written and narrated by Erik Jacobsen.
A Potter’s Field
Documenting the suppressed and repressed death network of New York City's COVID-19 emergency, "A Potter's Field" uses natural and technological imagery and sound to map a taboo: pandemic corpses stored in refrigerated trailers are transported by truck and ferry to Hart Island, a beautiful natural landscape and mass grave run by Department of Correction (employees and) inmates.
Once I passed
A lovely collage animation film based on Walt Whitman’s poem Once I Passed Through a Populous City which features the collage work of Serbian artist Nikola Gocić.
Place in Eden
A young actress embarks on a turbulent journey with an autistic girl, breaching limitations of right and wrong, and discovering new aspects of her personality.

Egypt – Erik Jacobsen (XXX)

Egypt is a travel documentary written and narrated by Erik Jacobsen. It features photos from his two trips to Egypt, local indigenous music, and fascinating historical facts from research into this amazing and long, lived civilization. It includes some of the most iconic artistic works and monumental structures of ancient Egypt. 2022; 10 min.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    10 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Erik Jacobsen
  • Screenwriter
    Erik Jacobsen
  • Producer
    Erik Jacobsen
  • Filmmaker
    Erik Jacobsen