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“Family,” a broadly defined term, is everything in our city. Many extended families live under the same roof, creating a distinct need for the phrase “single family home.” Featuring AUGUST, DRIFTING, IN FRANCE MICHELLE IS A MAN’S NAME, IN SUDDEN DARKNESS, and POND, each film in this block takes a look at “single family” dynamics and relationships of different sorts.

Runtime: 69 minutes

Yan is an illegal second child born during the One-Child policy. To avoid government punishment, Yan's parents hid their oldest daughter in the countryside and raised Yan as a girl. Now a young adult, Yan struggles with his gender identity and being treated as an outcast in a conservative society. His sole escape is drifting his father's old taxi through abandoned parking lots.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    16 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    USA, China
  • Premiere
    Southern US
  • Note
    English subtitles
  • Director
    Hanxiong Bo
  • Screenwriter
    Hanxiong Bo
  • Producer
    Lisu Wu, Luxi Wang, Yirui Guan, Summer Yang
  • Cinematographer
    Joewi Verhoeven
  • Editor
    Yinong Xia