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In New Orleans, a “dressed” poboy comes with all the fixings needed to make for a memorable experience. Featuring WIN BY TWO, SACRED, REGRET, and PILLARS, this block is dressed with dramatic shorts that emphasize unique southern characters.

Runtime: 67 minutes

Jalil, a hard-working, talented young basketball player, meets Frank, a legendary national-level youth basketball scout for a private workout and assessment. During the assessment, set up as a simple one-on-one game to 5 against Kevin, a member of the national team, Frank pulls the rug out from out under Jalil. Kevin, bigger and stronger than Jalil, plays dirty to prove that Jalil is not good enough to make the team. When Jalil presses Frank on the game’s fairness, Frank presses back with a reality check designed to either make or break Jalil on the court by forcing him to play “like a man.” Determined to earn Frank’s respect, Jalil decides to give in to Frank’s demands. In the end Jalil is left fearful and uncertain of the ramifications of his choice.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Abraham Felix
  • Screenwriter
    Abraham Felix
  • Producer
    Abraham Felix, Milo Daemgen
  • Cinematographer
    Shannon Palmer
  • Editor
    BB Blanchard