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In New Orleans, a “dressed” poboy comes with all the fixings needed to make for a memorable experience. Featuring WIN BY TWO, SACRED, REGRET, and PILLARS, this block is dressed with dramatic shorts that emphasize unique southern characters.

Runtime: 67 minutes

Mamzelle has made a success of herself as a farmer in her rural hometown, despite the cold shoulder much of community has given her since she came out as a teenager. Now in her fifties, Mamzelle is drawn out by when she agrees to babysit for several days for a beloved friend, and she begins to enjoy a life she didn’t know she had wanted. A trip into the public sphere, however, exposes Mamzelle and the children to the ugly hate of the homophobia, leaving Mamzelle to regret the trade-offs she made when she chose to live true to herself, but in a community that refuses to accept her.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    23 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Rachel Grissom
  • Screenwriter
    Rachel Grissom
  • Producer
    Kim Barnard
  • Cinematographer
    Patrick McGinley
  • Editor
    Kimaree Long