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Welcome to a Trans + Queer Smut Film Series!

 This program features explicit sexual content and is intended for audiences 18+

ScumTrust Productions is a collective of genderqueer and trans creators building mythologies that celebrate queer desire. We seek to embrace the surreal sensuality in kink and bdsm while building collaborative structure to honor the multiply marginalized artists and workers at the center of this process. ScumTrust celebrates the campy, the ritualistic, the grimey, the indulgent, the gritty parts of sex, life and pleasure. Our film series is dedicated to building community while fostering accessible dialogue around sex, gender, sexuality, magic, porn, and bodies.


ScumTrust is going into our third round and fourth year of hosting and curating PR0N 4 Freakz. This event series is all about highlighting the global wave of creatives making investigative, queer, narrative, funny and inspiring erotic film. With three events per year, every PR0N 4 Freakz screening includes introductions to new erotic creators alongside ScumTrust premieres. At the end of every screening, Saira and Alistair have a discussion session with the audience and sometimes guests. Previous guests have included Carnegie Velvet, Lucky Ovoca, Jiz Lee and Shine Louise Houston.

March Film Lineup

  • Femmes 4 Fingerblasting” submitted by Drip Films (15:19)
  • All you can eat, Ep1: Cum Cultivate” submitted by House of HUITLACOOCH (7:21)
  • Fresh Croissants” submitted by Carnegie Velvet (18:37)
  • The Silent Witness” submitted by Manon Praline (8:15)
  • Solar Orgasm” submitted by EDIY Porn (13:30)
  • Plus a spankophile premiere from ScumTrust!

About your hosts:

Mx. Saira Barbaric

Saira Barbaric (he. she. they. ze.) is a multidisciplinary artist and sadomasochist genderpunk. Saira enjoys the battle and usually wins the war. If you can manage to out last this mean grrl, maybe you’ll see what a glutton Saira can really be. Saira’s been making art and space in Seattle for five years and is hyped to bring together another year of porno to NWFF.

Alistair Fyrn

Alistair Fyrn (they/he) is a filthy pig who makes jewelry, paintings and porno. Often to be found amongst rocks and upon mossy hillsides, Alistair works in landscaping and brings their love of the outdoors into the heart of ScumTrust’s work. Rolling in the dirt, not breathing and a solid paddling are a few of their favorite things.