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In a world where Black women are often left to fend for themselves while being held to an ungodly high standard, this program aims to celebrate and exemplify Black women throughout the various stages of being. This collection of films aims to take you through coming of age tenderness, spirited fights for equality and unfiltered truthfulness. In implementing this program with The OutMuseum, it establishes an opportunity to appreciate what Black womanhood looks like through an array of experiences and narratives.

Guest Curated by Outfest Fusion Programmer Tishon Pugh

When Cleo falls for a customer at the coffee shop she works at, she must catch his attention before her more beautiful coworker does.

  • Runtime
    8 minutes
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Camryn Garrett
  • Screenwriter
    Camryn Garrett
  • Producer
    Isadora Alves da Nobrega, Natalie Holley, Nifemi Adegboye
  • Cast
    Alexis Dobynes, Alexis Cofield, Jovan E'Sean
  • Cinematographer
    Toby Romero
  • Editor
    Suzie Bhojwani