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"Hello hello hello! I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the rights of queer people are under attack. A lot of the dialogue surrounding this legislation and the arguments of far right conservatives is that queerness is somehow not appropriate for children. But they’re wrong. I came out of the closet when I was eight years old, and while I hadn’t even gone through puberty yet, I still related to and got a great deal of comfort from queer culture and from finding myself reflected in the world. Now there are even more sources of queer joy and magic to be found not only for adults but for young people as well. I run the LA branch of an organization called Drag Story Hour and my primary goal with that work is to protect kids from the idea of permanence. Drag shows us that there is nothing on this earth that is exactly what it seems to be, that there is no line of prose that can’t be written as poetry, and that there is no creature that doesn’t at some point shed its skin to become something new.

So in the spirit of the queer joy of youth, I wanted to curate a collection that captures the magic of kids. From the innocent and powerful connection of The One You Never Forget to the absurd whimsy of the gorgeously produced The Deer Inbetween (something I would have loved as a young queer person), I hope these films allow you to bask in the memories of being young and experiencing everything, including queer magic, for the first time." - Pickle, The Drag Laureate of West Hollywood and Guest Curator of The Spirit of Queer Youth

To kick off this collection and set the tone, we invite you to first watch the 2023 Logo Legend Award to Michelle Tea and Drag Queen Story Hour - a celebration of "joy for countless children and parents."

A story that takes place in 1986 profiling 'Beauty' salesgirl Valarie Williams, who finds an unlikely friendship in one of her customers, Mark, who teaches her that beauty isn't always skin deep.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    11 minutes
  • Social Media
  • Director
    Cameron Thrower
  • Screenwriter
    Cameron Thrower
  • Producer
    Dana Brunetti
  • Cast
    Maggie Gyllenhaal, Conor O'Farrell, Rebekah Tripp
  • Cinematographer
    Isiah Donté Lee
  • Editor
    Martin Pensa