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Where The Men Are (Men's Shorts)

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A valiant island warrior, wounded in battle against foreign invaders, falls into a mysterious underwater world. When the octopus who rescued him transforms into a handsome young man, they become aikāne, intimate friends bound by love and trust, and an epic adventure begins.
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Blood Drive
A young gay man finds sanctuary at the local roller disco.
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Evening Ritual
The film depicts the love and relationship between two elderly men and the distance they must cope with after one has moved to a nursing home
Honey to the Moon
A wandering soul caught in a moment of reflection is met with a sweet surprise; an object of desire. Thrust from his lonely corner, Moon falls into a journey of love with Sun. Through surrealistic visuals and flowing dance, twin flames bend and grow together in nature. Will the passage of time and the power of nature keep them apart? Or are they predestined to orbit each other forever?
Howard drives his partner Joseph to hospital to undergo a high-risk operation and the intimacy of the car, alongside a long forgotten mix tape, sees the masculinity of their forty year relationship start to yield.
Your Scissors Near My Ears
Desperate for a last minute haircut the night before his wedding, a fancy client enters a cheap barbershop. But he´ll get more than he bargained for when the barber recognizes him as a very important person from his past.
Joel and Rafi are in what seems to be a standard romantic comedy. What do you do when you find yourself alone in an elevator with your gym crush? For Joel, with his floor fast approaching, he throws caution to the wind and asks the guy out. Rafi pauses a second too long, Joel is desperate to escape, and the elevator comes to a sudden halt – they are stuck! They awkwardly begin getting to know each other, thanks to Joel’s “contingency plan for this sort of thing,” wine. The connection between the two of them grows and as it reaches its hopeful climax, the fourth wall doesn’t break – it shatters completely. Mat, the filmmaker, playing “Joel,” steps out of the elevator fantasy set and into the harsh reality of his own wish fulfillment. Is he foolish for making this film to tell a story he’s not sure he believes in?
New to town, Brandon just started his first day on the job when his boss informs him that experienced mechanic, Evan will be training him. the two quickly realize they have a connection like no other.
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Returning home to take care of his ailing father, a twenty something finds solace in the intimacy and sanctity of the roller skating world.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Zoë Hodge
  • Cast
    Dwany Guzman, Jérome Rucker, Paul Broussard