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Black Horror Shorts Series (56m)

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Black Horror Shorts Series (56m) contains the following films:

1) 2 Eye Drops From Normal (15m)

2) Fresh Meat (17m)

3) Boo Hag or Shadow Man (10m)

4) Mama Duke (14m)

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At first glance, media company Drop appears to be the bright cheery office environment young writer Nia was expecting, complete with staff birthday cakes and office pools. That is until her coworker Jamal goes mysteriously missing and Nia seems to be the only one concerned about his disappearance. Investigating further, she discovers Drop’s terrifying secret to success.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    17 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Lu Asfaha
  • Screenwriter
    Lu Asfaha
  • Producer
    Fonna Seidu
  • Executive Producer
    Ngardy Conteh George, Alison Duke, Vinay Virmani
  • Cast
    Malaika Hennie, Michaela Wright, Adrian Edwards, Jonathan Voisine, Anubha Momin
  • Cinematographer
    Ashley Iris Gill
  • Editor
    Lu Asfaha
  • Production Design
    Terena Rodriques
  • Sound Design
    Carla Murray
  • Music
    Alexander Artnzen