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African American Shorts Series 4 (66m)

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African American Shorts Series 4 (66m) contains the following films:

1) Chat - A COVID Story (17m)

2) Flames (13m)

3) Passage (17m)

4) Spoiler Alert (6m)

5) Soñadora (Dreamer) (13m)

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Angel is a young girl who recently lost her father to Covid-19. She reconnects with him through a smart device app that somehow speaks to her, using her father’s voice. This story is a tribute to everyone who has lost a loved one to the Corona virus pandemic and to essential workers who bravely provide needed services for us all.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    17 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Leon Lozano
  • Screenwriter
    Leon Lozano
  • Producer
    Leon Lozano, Bailey Renée
  • Executive Producer
    Leon Lozano, Omar J. Dorsey
  • Cast
    Bailey Renée, Omar J. Dorsey, Kisha Sierra, Larenz Curtis, Ava Lozano
  • Cinematographer
    Anana Lozano
  • Editor
    Corey Ziemniak
  • Production Design
    Anana Lozano
  • Sound Design
    Brandon Gatson
  • Music
    Haskel Jackson