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#GivingTuesdayNow Parkway Livestream Schedule of Events

2:00pm: MdFF 2019 Balti-Shorts

Our celebrated Baltimore-made short film block from the 2019 Maryland Film Fest is back! Catch it for FREE at 2pm or watch for a limited time with a pay-what-you-can ticket on our Virtual Theatre.


followed by Balti-Shorts Filmmaker Q&A

Join the local filmmakers of Balti-Shorts with moderator and Baltimore Filmmaker Collective founder Eric Cotten for a live discussion!


4:30pm: Sweaty Eyeballs 2019 Baltimore Showcase

Catch the best in Baltimore animation with this short film block from the 2019 Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Festival!


followed by Sweaty Eyeballs Q&A

Join local Baltimore animators and Sweaty Eyeballs founder Phil Davis for a live chat all about animation!


MdFF 2019 Balti-Shorts Films

  • BodyMore
  • Deserted
  • Finding Phoebe
  • Gun Show
  • Sage


Baltishorts Filmmaker Q&A Participants

Director/writer Darren Mallett and writer/producer Shannon Shird (BodyMore), Emily Stubb (Deserted), Sade Clacken Joseph (Finding Phoebe), Richard Chisolm (Gun Show), director Gabe Dinsmoor (Sage)


Sweaty Eyeballs 2019 Baltimore Showcase

  • Goodnight Bicycle-Seat-Head - Rob Thompson
  • Willow - Ezra Pailer
  • Boost - Ben Palmer & Stephen Borunda
  • Lost Cat - Xochitl Cornejo
  • Stitches - Aiden Kristo, Mia Dyer and Owen Mihavetz
  • Space Truckin' - Amber St. Onge
  • Re-Education of the Senses - Erinn Hagerty & Adam Savje
  • Buena Vista - Zoe Friedman
  • A Love Letter for the End of the World - Alesi Scheiber
  • The Indies: An Animated Short - DJ Tony Drake & Chaz Bottoms
  • Inked Thoughts in October - Kat Navarro
  • Ackerman - In Flux - Eli Organic Ayres
  • Soft Drugs - Christopher P. McManus
  • Pupa - Jae Lee
  • Foreign Exchange - Corrie Francis Parks


Sweaty Eyeballs Baltimore Showcase Q&A Participants

 Ezra Pailer (Willow), Eli Ayres (Ackerman - In Flux), Tony Drake (The Indies: An Animated Short), Erinn Hagerty and Adam Savje (Re-Education of the Senses), Corrie Francis Parks (Foreign Exchange)