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When sounds of war drive Koro to relive his past, his whānau are forced into a battle of their own

Koro sits in his car. War medals, pinned to his suit, lie in his lap. He is lost in the thought of another ANZAC service. Koro’s thoughts are interrupted when his grandsons, Whenua and Soul, bang into the car, fighting over Whenua’s phone. The phone pumps out battle sounds from a digital war game. 

The sounds of war jar Koro’s memory of his days in the jungle during the Vietnam war, and he is catapulted back to that time, the fear and torment move him to find a safe haven. But, Whenua and Soul get caught in the crossfire of Koro’s memories, as Koro tries to protect his comrades, Timoti and Maaka. Soul and Whenua are confused, shaken and injured, while Koro feels anguish and shame that he has not protected them. 

A new day dawns for Koro and his whānau. Soul joins Koro in his car and reconciles the events from yesterday, forgiving Koro for hurting him. As Soul and Whenua leave on the school bus, Koro joins them, hoping to make it to the dawn ANZAC service.

  • Runtime
  • Language
    English, Maori
  • Country
    New Zealand
  • Director
    Nicholas Riini
  • Screenwriter
    Nicholas Riini
  • Producer
    Nicholas Riini, Simone Ashton