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Mexico Day - Panels on Diversity and Racism in Film

Expired April 14, 2021 6:45 AM
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Mexico Day: Diversity and Inclusion - “Latinowood” comes to Poppy Jasper as veteran players from the intersection of Hollywood and Latino-America assess the current state of diversity and inclusion in Hollywood, the progress made in recent decades, and the promising future of greater racial justice. 

J. Greg Gomez (Moderator), Greg Gomez Productions, is a widely-travelled Media and Technology Consultant, Indie Filmmaker, Non-Profit co-founder and board member, Art Game Designer, and more. Former Fox, Warner Bros., Disney. Youngest founding board member of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Proud supporter of Poppy Jasper Int’l. Film Fest!

Kirk Whisler is Board Member at the National Latino Media Council, former Co-Chair at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Kirk has worked in Hispanic media since 1977. Served as founding president of the the National Association of Hispanic Publications in 1982, President of Latino Print Network since 1996.

Consuelo Flores was the Director, Policy Strategy & Analysis in the Equity & Inclusion Department at SAG-AFTRA. She’s worked at the Writers Guild of America, West, AFTRA and SAG-AFTRA in the area of diversity for over 17 years, helping to raise the profile of disenfranchised talent both behind and in front of the camera. She’s worked in the entertainment industry since 1993 and in the cultural arts since 1981. 

Frank B. Gonzalez serves as the Executive in Charge of Diversity & Inclusion Programs for The Directors Guild of America (DGA). Gonzalez has been recognized for his long-term commitment and work in the diversity space over the years. Among his accolades include being named a 2017 Variety Inclusion Impact Honoree, as well as a nod by The Imagen Foundation’s 2018 Powerful & Influential Latinos in Entertainment. 

Tery Lopez is an inclusion strategist, thought leader, change agent and film and television producer. She serves as Executive for Diversity at the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Tery works with producers, studio and network executives, and writers to advance diverse representation. 

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