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"Five Angels on the Steps" Film of Live Performance (61 minutes)

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This Livestream replay from the Saturday, November 20 in-person performance of "Five Angels on the Steps".

Kathleen Rea returns to the stage in this new COVID world to perform "Five Angels on the Steps", a solo dance work created by choreographer Newton Moraes with lighting design by Sharon DiGenova.

Newton Moraes is a Toronto-based Brazilian choreographer who lives to transform moments that mark life, positive or negative, into dance. Moraes dove into this process, exploring the inner workings of Rea's life experiences as they rehearsed together. He then wove these into an imagistic tapestry of human expression. His creation is a testament to Rea, who as a mature dancer, brings a depth of presence and experience to the stage.

The title, Five Angels on the Steps derives from Rea's near-death experiences in which she floated out of her body and met five angels in the canopy of a forest grove. What she learned from them is one of the main drivers of this dance work. They are forever present in the work, represented by five large yellow and red octagonal cylinders. Inevitably, Rea’s unique perspective from living with Autism also permeates the work. Along for the ride is “Skelly”, Rea's anatomical skeleton that she uses to teach functional movement classes in her work life. The themes explored are death, madness, visions, being neuroatypical, functional movement and anatomy, sensuality, little monsters, love, and loss. Be prepared for an intense ride!


Deirdre Kelly, Critics at Large, Dec 2021

Rea... tosses herself headlong into the unknown.... she allows herself to become exposed, literally stripped bare, as she peels off layers of clothing to reveal herself almost naked before the eyes of her audience. It’s often said that flesh is weak. But here, dancing in only her panties, Rea looks anything but fragile. She’s a super-charged woman, a wife, and a mother with the stretch marks to prove it. As a self-portrait... nothing short of bold. 

Arts and Culture Maven, Nov 2021 

The overall effect is alternately weird and wonderful, poignant and dignified, unsettling and obscure...pure emotions and complex movements...

Bateman Reviews, Nov 2021 

The beautifully arranged collection of choreographic moments, facial expressions, lilting limbs, and a skeletal partner, make for what ultimately becomes a dance theatre journey, ending in a kind of chamber music scene where both skeleton and human body face each other full-on for a final movement of love, death, and corporeal acknowledgment... A complex, moving and haunting new work.


All text is open captioned


Five Angels on the Steps is 61 minutes in length.


It is only suitable for a mature audience (16 plus) due to nudity, and sexual and mature themes that are explored.


Choreographer - Newton Moraes

Dancer - Kathleen Rea

Lighting Design - Sharon DiGenova

Publicity Photos - Photos - David Hou

LiveStream Team - EventStream


This dance film was created from Livestream footage filmed on Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 8:00 pm with a live audience in attendance.


T.Y.T Wychwood Theatre, Toronto.


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