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World premiere online screening "Contact Zoomprov" (21 minutes)

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Luke and Jen are each in their "zoom" screens side by side. Jen is leaning to their left and Luke is leaning to his right. The way the zoom screens are oriented they are leaning in towards each other. They smiling at each other in an engaging manner. Geometric shapes of three circles and one half circle of different sizes are overlaid connecting the two screens. There is as well a horizontal line and a diagonal line dividing the two screens in half. The lines are both connecting and dividing.


"Contact Zoomprov" by dancers Jen Roy and Luke Anderson with sound artist Steff Mendolia and film editing and score organization by Kathleen Rea. This film will be shown in an virtually through REAson d'etre dance productions ' Eventive platform

Contact Zoomprov - in the film join Jen and Luke for a glimpse into their world as they meet for discussions and movement explorations about the complexities of life, disability, access intimacy and our relationships with each other and other people, and the impacts of COVID-19. Steff Juniper provides an immersive sound score that weaves us in and out of the different days that these two dancers meet over zoom. This dance is fun, funny, and a poignant discovery of how the deep connecting properties of Contact improvisation can thrive and build intimacy in online formats.

Dancer and co-creators: Jen Roy and Luke Anderson

Sound Design: Steff Juniper in collaboration with Ron Varod

Musicians: Steff Juniper and Ron Vivarod and Luke Anderson



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DATE: Tuesday, June 7, 2022


8:45 pm - 9:15 pm - Screening & Performance 

9:15 pm to 9:4 - Creator-chat (In-person and on Zoom. Ticket purchasers for online screening will be sent zoom link to participate)

LOCATION: Beach United Church, 140 Wineva Ave, Toronto

Wheelchair Accessible


All current COVID Gov't protocols will be followed.

Masks are optional (Please bring one as the Beach Church requests you wear a mask until you reach the concert hall)

Al levels of vaccination or non vaccination are welcome.

There will be three HEPA filter (one at the box office table, one in the hallway and one in the studio)


The second-floor performance hall where the performance will take place is accessible by elevator.

The entrance to the building is barrier-free.

Wheelchair-accessible washrooms are located next to concert hall

an introduction video with land acknowledgment will open each show. It will be open captioned.

Please send access requests or questions to

A program listing the dancers and works will be provided by through QR code so people can read the program on their phone with their usual accessibility features.

At this time the PRESENTER does not have the means to provide live Sign Language Interpretation or a live audio description. All movie text will however be open captioned.


Image description: A headshot of Jen, smiling casually while running one hand through their hair. They are a white multigender human with a short brown mullet, purple metallic glasses, and mismatched jewelry. Light illuminates them from above against a plain white wall. Photo Credit: Jen Roy, 2021. Hair credit: Alex Grey./end ID

Jen Roy is a multiply disabled, queer and trans multidisciplinary artist, and community worker. They work in the overlaps of dance, circus, disability consulting, and mobility technology. They are interested in the ways technology is used to build bodyminds by disabled people, what influences those bodies and minds within the pressures of an ableist, capitalist, and white supremacist society (and how to resist). They question who has access to the ability to build and/or resist, given these and other oppressive structures. Jen has trained with companies including Full Radius Dance, Kaeja D’Dance and REAson D’Etre Dance Productions.

Image description: Luke Anderson wearing a buttoned blue shirts and back pants leans forwards towards his dancer partner who is lunging next to his wheelchair. She is wearing red pants and a green sweater. Behind then we can as a corridor in the Ontario art Gallery that is lined with windows and wooded beams. The photo is a film still form Every Body Can Dance (filmmaker by Olya Glotka)

See interview to learn more about Luke and Contact Improvisation.

Image description: Steff is a light olive skinned non-binary femme person looking directly at the camera. They have short black bangs and long wavy hair. They are wearing large dark sunglasses with light pink rims. They are wearing black clothes and a necklace with a Cupid talisman. In the background there are many tall deciduous trees as the photograph was taken in the Pacific Northwest. 

Steff(ania) Juniper Mendolia is a third-generation, southern Italian-Canadian, white settler, residing in Tkaronto. They are a sober neuroqueer, non-binary trans witch, a mad/disability justice worker, writer, sound and performance artist. They have completed an arts-based MA in Critical Disability Studies at York University, titled “Trans-Feminist Witchcraft: A Psychiatric Survivor Narrative”. They are currently working on a PhD in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies.

Image description: A headshot of Kathleen Rea. Her face is very close to the camera and her hands are on either side of her face. The pinky finger of her right hands crossing over her face to frame her right eye. Her expression is serious and clause up nature of the phot makes her green eyes feel luminous. She is wearing a grey shirt and we can see a small studio with a window behind her.

Kathleen Rea decided to devote her career to contact improvisation (CI) when she fell in love with the form 23 years ago. Through her company REAson d’etre dance she produces CI dance-jams, film-festivals, and productions. Kathleen has autism and a learning disability that results in writing taking 8 times longer than average. Despite these struggles she loves writing and is a published author (“The Healing Dance”). She has a master’s degree in Expressive Arts and a passion for functional movement. 

Ron Vivarod: Listen to his music at


This event is funded by the Toronto Arts Council, Canadian Heritage Foundation, and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Image description: Three logo (Canadian Heritage , Ontario Trillium Foundation and Toronto Art Council)

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