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"Irremediable" is an exploration of the human nature amidst experiences that it may not comprehend. It is a piece that is not meant to be solved. It is not meant to be understood. It has a story, but it doesn't need the audience to know said story, but rather to let the audience make of it of what they want or understand of it. The filming of this project was made right after the storm Maria, which presented various complications and limitations that needed to be worked around it. However, the team that I worked with were exceptional for the creation of this project, and even with the massive obstacles and lack of resources we managed to film this story that I wanted to share for a couple of years now, prior to the events of the storm. This project wouldn't have been possible without them. Whose names are displayed in the end credits of this short film.

  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    Puerto Rico
  • Director
    Carlos Vera Santiago
  • Screenwriter
    Carlos Vera Santiago
  • Producer
    Carlos Vera Santiago
  • Cast
    Chris Korber , Kristaly Salgado, Ariam Guitérrez, Gabriela Noble, Adriana Vazquez Acevedo