Rincón International Film Festival

Puerto Rico Shorts 3

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A young woman named Liz loses her boyfriend Emma during an assault. Six months have passed after his untimely death but Liz does not seem to overcome it. She still remembers him frequently. Seeing other couples together makes her remember him even more, to the point that her inner frustration breaks her and causes her to take it out on her surroundings. Exhausted, Liz falls asleep. When she opens her eyes, she sees Emma again but in her mind, she begins to accept what can no longer be between them.

  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    Not Specified
  • Director
    Nahir Moreno
  • Screenwriter
    Nahir Moreno
  • Producer
    Samuel Báez
  • Cast
    Ericka Fergelec, Ricardo Laboy