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An indigenous American singer in the Court of Queen Mary II

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME (including the text of the songs including translation)

El Parnaso Hyspano (www.elparnasohyspano.com) presents a dramatised imagined encounter between Latin American and English musical cultures of the 17th Century. The year is 1690.

A noble and cultivated Indigenous singer from Potosí (now Bolivia) in the Kingdom of Spain, comes to Spain to intercede with the Spanish King for his people. When Queen Mary II hears of this indigenous musician nobleman, she invites him to the London Court. El Indiano performs music of the natives but also music that inspired the European courts, displaying the indigenous soul in his heartfelt interpretation. She sings the English songs she learnt from her musician tutors. Prejudice, curiosity, humour, dialogues, understandings and misunderstandings, songs and dances, raise universal themes about intercultural encounter. The performance is given in memory of Pocahontas, and all native Americans who were brought to Europe, many to die there.

Includes music by Juan Aranés, Robert and John Dowland, Francisco Guerrero, Juan Hidalgo, Henry Purcell, and others.

Created by Rafael Montero (tenor and founder), written and directed by Charles Sloboda-Boltion, with Kate Smith (soprano), Fabio Fernandez (lute, guitar), and and Pablo Tejedor Gutiérrez (gamba, cello)

There will be a short post-performance roundtable, in which Professor John Sloboda (Guildhall School of Music & Drama) will chair an informal discussion about the issues the play raises between cast, director, and audience.