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"I love this film... One of the funniest, saddest, and most touching slices of Texas life I've ever seen... The movie has hilarious but accurately heard dialogue, characters who become three-dimensional within a perfectly etched scene or two, and an ending worthy of Eugene O'Neill... This is one of the best little American films of the year." -Roger Ebert, 1983

In just a handful of films -- LAST NIGHT AT THE ALAMO, HELL OF A NOTE and THE WHOLE SHOOTIN’ MATCH -- Eagle Pennell lionized those laconic dreamers balanced between ambition and nostalgia who later became Austin, TX’s civic identity.

Eagle’s woozy testament to the comically disenfranchised is a self-medicating rodeo where the heroes ride barstools and pray they can hang on until last call. This legendary dog-eared hangout movie is from a script by Kim Henkel (co-writer of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE), and was filmed in B&W by Eric Alan Edwards (MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO.)

Long unavailable on home video or streaming, Last Night at the Alamo shows exclusively in Screen Slate's Virtual Cinema.

Special thanks to Bret Berg and the American Genre Film Archive.

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    Eagle Pennell