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A sitcom about two grumpy old Deaf men. When Tim is forced to stay at home for three months, his friend Angus uses video chat to offer support.

[Poster image description: A film poster for the film “Two Deaf Yorkshiremen in Lockdown.“ There are 8 images of two white old men doing various things such as cooking or toasting. One white male is against a brick wall and the second white male is against a white cabinet with brown curtains. The images are divided in the middle by the title in yellow text: Two Deaf Yorkshiremen in Lockdown.” On the bottom, production credits in white text. On either side of the production credits are two logos for Mutt and Jeff Pictures and BSL Zone.]

[Movie still image description: A zoom-style chat with two elderly men. The man in the left window wears a gray pinstripe hat, square glasses, and a blue jacket. He sits in front of a tan-bricked wall. The man on the right wears a light plaid messenger cap and blue buttoned shirt. He sits in front of white cabinets. Both o f them have thick mustaches and are smiling at the camera.]

  • Runtime
    27 minutes
  • Language
    British Sign Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Rating
    Family Friendly
  • Director
    Louise Neethling
  • Screenwriter
    Charlie Swinbourne
  • Cast
    John Smith, Matt Kirby