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*Please note that this program is a recorded version of the 6/25/21 live Pitch-A-Thon event.

SeriesFest’s Pitch-a-Thon program provides independent content creators with an opportunity to participate in an exclusive live pitch session with top television, new media, and digital executives in hopes of moving their unproduced projects forward. Seven series will have 5 minutes to pitch live to a panel of industry experts!


Emmett Grey: Set in 1961 Atlantic City as the former “Jewel of the Atlantic” is beginning to show its cracks, we delve into a world revolving around club culture that defined an era. Emmett Grey follows the life of a young boy paving a new path with the help of his drag queen uncle in a city threatening to consume them.

Honkers: In a small country town comedy, Twyla, our uber manicured, totally spoiled suburban house-wife, struggles to maintain her flawless status while reviving her recently deceased husband’s dilapidated auto shop and building a family of woman-chanics that becomes the heartbeat of a community she once rejected.

Painkillers: Forced out as the Chief of Medicine of a prestigious NYC hospital, Dr. Rachel Powers finds herself teaching at a second-tier medical school in the backwaters of the Caribbean.

Super Girlfriend: When a woman finds out the man she’s falling for is part of an underground superhero network, she must decide if their new romance can survive her own priorities and his extraordinary circumstances.

American Way: In 1960s New York City, a young comic book fan joins the staff of a scrappy publishing company that must survive both its brewing creative tensions and the rivalry of a corporate Goliath bent on crushing them.

Hudson City: Hudson City is the Sopranos of politics in northern New Jersey with more comedy and satire. An inside look at the dirty dealings of government, political campaigns and real estate development. When his wealthy father dies suddenly his shy, naïve, apolitical son with glossophobia is aghast when told he must run for Congress against a powerful ruthless corrupt career politician and his entrenched political machine in order to get his inheritance.

Damsel: When a true crime loving, life hating, 23 year-old woman accidentally gets kidnapped into the drug ring of her dreams she decides she might actually be down to be a part of it -- blackmailing her captors to let her stay. Dark-ish Single-Cam Comedy.

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