San Francisco Documentary Festival 2023

Unraveling the Heart + Q&A

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Afro-Techno Frequency
Afro Techno Frequency is an experimental short documentary film exploring Black healing through the lens of afro-futurism, techno music, archival footage, and anonymous testimonies.
Amara and Ry'Shauna
Amara and Ry’Shauna exposes the frequent movement and distress of children trapped within the complex and bureaucratic foster care system. Through heartbreaking, intimate personal stories from 12 year-old Amara and 19 year-old Ry’Shauna about the trauma they experienced, coupled with context from experts who were in the system themselves, we see how this system is not equipped to properly take care of society’s most vulnerable children. We see how these children are often moved from home to home; how they are sometimes abused, and frequently left without a sense of community, stability or safety. We witness the devastating outcomes for former foster youth, including incarceration, unwanted pregnancies, mental health issues, and experiencing homelessness. Finally, we see how, with love and care from their communities, these resilient children can be empowered to thrive, and this vicious cycle can end.
The Last Carnival
A visa migrant worker helms the rides at an American carnival, spurring memories from his home in Honduras.
The Unclaimed
Eric Arseneaux is a homeless man dying of late stage stomach cancer on the streets of LA. The film follows his end of life experience as he contemplates his impending death, and considers how - and if - to reconnect with his estranged family. Eric's experience is tied to Los Angeles County's annual "Burial of the Unclaimed" where the remains of over 1,500 people - many of them homeless - are interred in a common grave each year.
Where The Light Enters
A woman unravels how three generations in her family have been affected by intergenerational trauma starting with colonialism using animation, archival and found footage and then defines what intergenerational healing means.
Unraveling the Heart Q&A