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Azikiwe Mohammed is a Guy Who Makes Stuff
“The word artist is a little funky … I would self-describe as a ‘guy who makes stuff.’” Rejecting the cult of the genius artist, Azikiwe Mohammed embraces the modest, the eclectic, and above all the helpful. Mohammed works in a range of mediums and skill sets from painting to puppets to furniture to tapestries, informed by the unpretentious aesthetics of the Black homes and spaces he traverses.
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ADX2 Controversy
In the 1950s, amid a booming economy and rapid scientific progress, a charismatic salesman sought to make his fortune with a chemical additive that he claimed would revolutionize the car battery business. When tests from a prominent scientific agency showed that the additive was worthless, its director had to battle public opinion and political pressure to defend the importance of scientific integrity.
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Blush – An Extraordinary Voyage
For 18-year-old Finnish–Kosovan Fatu, a simple visit to the grocery store feels as nerve-racking as a lunar expedition: for the first time in his life, he’s wearing makeup in public. Luckily his best friend Rai, a young woman on the spectrum of autism, is there to ferociously support him through the voyage.
Culture Talk on the Radio
The short film 'Culture Talk on the Radio' is a road movie about a lonely truck driver who works for a company that spezialises in the delivery of fruit and art.
Krush The Wrestler
Exploring the innate intimacy of submission wrestling, a lifelong wrestler turns his talents into an on-demand fetish video service.
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Valentine is a short, animated documentary that explores an OnlyFans creator's first year on the platform, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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