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Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen

Goodbye Rebecca & Eileen presents a non-linear narrative exploring the before, during, and after of a top surgery journey. Disembodying the often alienating process of dealing with doctors and the medical industry while trans the piece sutures together imagery of puppetry, paper dolls, miniatures and video footage from the past decade. Disorientation and dysphoria become us as the doctor puts Sarah under anesthesia. Sarah plays the roles of doctor, surgeon, funeral director, UPS worker and patient. Part Queer horror, part queer fantasy, Sarah's body is at first a puppet, then a paper doll, then flesh evoking a dreamlike sequence that allows for body parts to be grown, removed, extracted and created.

  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Country
  • Premiere
    California Premiere
  • Director
    Sarah Hill
  • Cast
    Hayley Morgenstern, Sarah Hill