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A daughter coming home to take care of her sick Mother. The film deals with memory, time, identity, and place.

Director Biography- Anthony Newen

Anthony Newen started making films when he was a teenager. He wrote and made films as a way to explore his thoughts and emotions. He'd fantasize about what would happen if...or try to better understand what family means to him, or where he considers home, or what certain relationships mean to him. All the films he has watched and loved: he felt less lonely. He realized that what he wants his films to do for others is let them know they are not alone, that someone else understands how they feel. 


Being Vietnamese-American, representing Asians on screen has become very important to him within the last few years. Example: stories of Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam War need to be talked about, but it's also very important to show Asian people as people and not be defined by their skin color or where their parents came from. His generation, his friends, a lot of them were born in America. They know English better than Vietnamese. They understand American culture better than Vietnamese culture. They are more American than Vietnamese, yet they cannot escape how they look and that’s what others initially judge them on. Anthony believes the best way to show that Asian people are more than kung fu and a funny comic relief is to show the daily lives and struggles of a person that just so happens to be Asian.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Anthony Newen
  • Screenwriter
    Anthony Newen
  • Cast
    Erin Aster, Hieu Nguyen