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Six brand new animated music videos commissioned by Sweaty Eyeballs!

Featuring six Baltimore bands/musicians with music videos created by Baltimore animators.

Premieres on Festival Opening Night, 7:30 PM (EST), Friday October 23, 2020. Live Chat Q&A with Musicians and Animators after the screening!

1) Tarana I - music by Ami Dang 

animation by Kat Navarro

2) Sun Saw Her Face - music by Scott Patterson

animation by Towson University animation students: Alberto Morales Ferrerr, Anna Broomfield, Chris Lins, Christian Robinson, Frances Kramer, Grace Welsh, Joshua Cregger, Mady Balke, John Diggs, Jessica Shibley, and Phil Davis (Professor)

3) Indigo - music by Wume

animation by Jim Doran

4) Traveler - music by Bady Dorzhu Ondar of Alash, Shodekeh, Joyce J. Scott, Wendel Patrick, Eze Jackson, Jasmine Pope

animation by MICA Animation Students: Faith ShaKira, Olivia Hutchison, Jasper (they/them), Austin Kramer (he/him), Gabriel Portillo(he/him), McKenzie Bugg, Elliot Zink (he/him), Rickey Waner (he/they), Begonia Wu (she/her), Claude Mouton (he/him), Amy "Mimi" Jensen (she/they), Arthur Arbetman (he/him), Harvey Bailey (she/her), Teresa Nicolella (she/her), Eli Cooperman (he/him), Lakeisha Felton (she/her), Steven Judge (he/him), Vy Phan, Andy Huber, Jack Mangine, Gabby Stanley-Jones

5) My Friend - music by Dan Deacon

animation by Lynn Tomlinson

6) Hit the Coast - music by Future Islands

animation by Ismael Sanz-Pena