Extinction Rebellion Preview Fundraiser of The Race to Save the World

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The Race to Save The World is a climate documentary with a uniquely optimistic approach. It follows passionate activists whose single-minded focus is the creation of a sustainable world for future generations. These climate warriors, ages 15 to 72, are in the trenches fighting for a livable future, regardless of the personal cost. Emmy award-winning filmmaker Joe Gantz brings an urgent and intimate portrait of the protests, arrests, courtroom drama, and family turmoil these activists endure as they push for change. The Race to Save The World is an energizing call-to-action that inspires viewers to quit waiting on the sidelines and start making their voices heard for a livable future.

After you watch the film, don't miss the recording of our exciting panel discussion. Anna Hyde of Extinction Rebellion UK in conversation with Bill Moyer, Abby Brockway and Michael Foster from the film and UK activists Indigo Rumbelow, Chidi Obihara and Zoe Cohen.

Extinction Rebellion is partnering with director Joe Gantz to bring a special screening of THE RACE TO SAVE THE WORLD. The screening is followed by a panel discussion between some of the film’s US activists and UK rebels about how it feels to be imprisoned for the nonviolent expression of their conscientiously held beliefs. The panel, facilitated by Anna Hyde of XRUK, includes U.S. activists from the film Bill Moyer, Abby Brockway and Michael Fosterand UK activists Indigo Rumbelow, Chidi Obihara and Zoe Cohen. Listen to this podcast where Anna Hyde interviews the filmmaker and cast here:

There is something illuminating about watching the activists on the other side of the Atlantic exploring the same dilemmas and challenges. This is a film for your friends and family who still do not quite understand why you do what you do. Invite them to watch it with you.

Pre-order The Race to Save the World Film - 50% of the net proceeds from your ticket purchase cost (about £4) go to XRUK.

After purchase, you have fourteen days from the time you click on the link to start watching the film, and once you've started watching, you have 10 days to finish the film. 

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“These are important stories, told in engaging fashion- and I can testify that there are similar scenes from every corner of the planet. The fight to halt the destruction of the planet's climate system may be the biggest movement in earth history, and these brave people help tell a tale everyone needs to hear!”

- Bill McKibben, Founder 350.0rg

“I hope everyone will watch this film and be inspired to join these everyday heroes in the struggle of our lifetime.” – Annie Leonard, Executive Director, Greenpeace US

“Successful social movements always have a small number of deeply-committed people willing to take extraordinary risks. The Race offers a frank look at some Americans who have chosen to place their bodies at the "tip of the spear" in the fight for climate justice. Their courage, and their resolute optimism, is inspiring.” – Denis Hayes, Environmental and solar power advocate, coordinator of the first Earth Day and Founder of the Earth Day Network

“There is still time to prevent catastrophic climate change. This powerful film shows how each of us can use our voice and our actions to save this planet from destruction. Watch it and be inspired to make a difference.”Michael Mann, Author of The New Climate War

The Race to Save The World has won best documentary at the Soho International Film Festival, and it also won best documentary at the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai. It was accepted into the Paris International Film Festival and the Dumbo Film Festival (Dumbo as in Brooklyn). It was also accepted into the Cannes Independent Film Festival, the North Dakota Environmental Film Festival, and the London Eco Film Festival. 

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