Toronto 48HFP 2020

Toronto 48HFP 2020 Best of Screening

Expired December 7, 2020 4:45 AM
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A virtual screening of 16 short films that will entertain and inspire even the pickiest film-buff.

Note: Films are not rated and may not be suitable for children.


1 - Barseekers by "l", but like a lower case l not an upper case I (ACTION / ADVENTURE)  

2 - Clucked by Seven Films (COMEDY)

3 - Covid Couple by The Intergalactic Federation of Space Beers (COMEDY)

4 - Earth to Micah by Cookie Biscuits (SCI FI)  

5 - Get The Phone by Cheap Wine (DARK COMEDY)

6 - Hero by Lucky You (CLIMATE FILM)

7 - In the Backseat by LIGHTS, CAMER- UH OH (ROMANCE)

8 - Keyboard Warriors by Weird Knocks (MARTIAL ARTS)  

9 - Ring Sour by Without Pictures (HORROR)

10 - Rotten by Future Cool Moms (FANTASY)  

11 - Silenced by Mouthy Kid (SILENT FILM)  

12 - Social Witches by The Boys Club (DARK COMEDY)  

13 - Three For The Road by Demon Kweenz (FANTASY)

14 - To Do: by Wing night (SILENT FILM)  

15 - Together Alone by Fresh off the Boat (BUDDY FILM) 

16 - Unleashed by The Miss Dalulas (FANTASY) 

These short films are testament to what a creative and competitive group of people can accomplish when they’re under the gun and fuelled by a collective passion for filmmaking. 

A 25 minute awards ceremony will follow the 110 minute screening. 


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