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I am Ocean
I Am Ocean showcases the inspirational story of PT Hirschfield, who's successful 11-year battle with endometrial cancer has been fuelled by her passion for scuba diving, a deep connection with the underwater world, and a mission to save the heavily persecuted wildlife at her local dive sites.
Ngatanwarr | An Open Door
Set in South Australia, Ngatawanwaar—meaning welcome in Peek Whurrong—serves to encourage non-indigenous Australians to learn more about the lands on which they live, to be proactive and curious about the past, to talk about our true history and embrace Aboriginal culture.
Oakhill Food Justice Farm - Healing and connection through urban farming
A Community Under Fire
A Community Under Fire highlights the small country town of Braidwood, New South Wales, in the face of devastating forest fires. As the townspeople rallies together to fight the fires and rise from the ashes, a story emerges of a community who stand courageous and united.
Stories from the Smoke
Stories from the Smoke explores the feelings of stress, frustration and powerlessness of a family in the Blue Mountains awaiting and preparing for the inevitable arrival of the devastating forest fires ravaging the landscape in 2019/20.
Dr. Anika Molesworth says CUT OUT CARBON
Dr. Anika Molesworth shares her secrets on combating climate change. Part of The New Joneses Road Trip 2021
Joost Bakker says GROW SOME FOOD - The New Joneses
A celebration of urban farming from The New Joneses. Part of The New Joneses Road Trip 2021
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A diverse selection of inspiring Australian shorts exploring the state of our world and the future we want. Films in this year’s Australian shorts program engage with topics including: bushfire resilience, ocean health, sustainable food systems, and climate change. CLICK FILM TITLE TO READ INDIVIDUAL SYNOPSIS.

In the garden, hope emerges, not as a feeling or wishful thinking, but as a practice for imagining the future by enacting an ethic of care, as captured so evocatively by a gardener in Warrnambool who, responding to Sustain’s 2020 Pandemic Gardening survey, writes that ‘every seed I plant is a wish for tomorrow.’ In the same vein, another gardener from Hobart says that ‘[t]here is a future when you garden’.

We're at the cusp of an urban agriculture revolution in Melbourne. There are hundreds of abandoned and vacant sites around the city. Most of them are growing weeds behind cyclone fences and locked gates. In some, residents and friends are mobilising to transform these sites into flourishing spaces of healthy food production, education and connection.

This is a revolution in the ways in which we inhabit and relate to our cities, the ways in which we produce, consume and relate to our food, and the ways in which we relate to each other and ourselves. This revolution has millions of human agents, and trillions of non-human ones, all over Australia, and across the world. Transforming spaces, one by one, united by a shared vision and belief that secure access to good food is everyone’s birthright, and that bounteous edible gardens and urban farms are a great way to bring its full realisation closer to reality.

This film captures a chapter in one part of this revolution. In June 2021, the Melbourne Anglican Church, encouraged by the City of Darebin, granted a 2-year lease of its empty vicarage and garden at St Mary’s Church, Preston, to the national sustainable food systems organisation, Sustain: The Australian Food Network. The perspectives and images captured here tell the story of the first part of the site’s transformation, from an abandoned and unloved space, into a centre for connection, education and healthy food growing.

While still in its early stages, the film offers a tantalising glimpse into what’s possible, not just at this site in Preston, but in thousands of others like it across the whole country. With commitment, energy and political will, we can have an Australia in which our towns and cities are brimming and bursting with gardens and verges and parks and orchards full of delicious and fresh produce. An Australia in which no-one is hungry, in which Indigenous sovereignty is acknowledged and shapes our political culture, and in which an ethic of care for all - human and non-human - is the cultural norm.

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    John Olroyd and Marcelo Paternoster