A Night of Short French Films

A Night of Short French Films

Expired February 13, 2021 7:00 AM
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La Chamade (Blackbirds) 

Director: Emma Séméria 

Details: 2020, France, 9’26

Summer’s almost over, but there’s something fifteen-year-old Camélia has to do before school starts. She approaches her best friend Salah with an unusual request — and afterward, nothing will ever be the same again as an adolescent friendship is transformed into something more. Things sizzle and murmur at the deserted river bed. 

J’Arrive (On My Way)  

Director: Bertrand Basset 

Details: 2020, France, 15’21

After the death of his wife of many years, Hubert is alone for the first time, tired and diminished. What were simple tasks have become burdensome as Hubert realizes how the loss of his wife means he will need to depend on others. Léonie his granddaughter steps in to help him resulting in the ultimate act of compassion. 


Director: Maïté Sonnet

Details: 2019, France, 26’30

Two sisters, respectively ten and twelve years old, prepare to leave the island they grew up on, which has become too expensive for their family. Their sadness turns into rage directed at those forcing them to leave: tourists. Their final summer will be dark, lethal, and as toxic as the algae polluting the beaches.

Particules fines

Director: Gregory Robin  

Details: 2020, France, 8’11

Two men on a bridge over the beltway wonder if life has any meaning. Since they don't have the answer and are bored, they decide to kill someone.

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Director: Jean Benoit Ugeux  

Details: 2020, France & Belgium, 13’41

The son wrote a comic book about his childhood. He sent it to his father who’s been living in the south for years. But the father didn’t really care about reading that story where he is drawn naked in most panels.


Director: Sophie Beaulieu 

Details: 2020, France, 15’05

A family weekend in the family house. The men of the family are self-satisfied and the women are efficient. There’s no reason for changing the order of things. Yet, one of the uncles of the family has a new wife who might stir up trouble.


Director: Pierre Dugowson  

Details: 2020, France, 8’24

It’s November 2030 in a classroom in Paris that is 118°, making it impossible to teach.

Summer Time

Director: Andra Tévy 

Details: 2020, France, 15’23

A summer Sunday on a café terrace near the Mediterranean coast. Everyone can’t help but notice their seemingly peaceful neighbors at the other tables. Subjective and distorted perceptions, an impression that the grass is greener on the other side. The ensuing comparisons and criticisms trigger a crisis at their own tables.