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After his girlfriend breaks up with him, a man decides to get away to find himself, and he does, literally.
Each year, people are abducted from their homelands and taken to the Cogmill, where they work as laborers to provide power for an island city up above. Aji, the most recent addition to the Cogmill, must navigate through captivity whilst trying to survive under its oppressive conditions.
DISINTEGRATION 93-96 is an essay film about the Filipino American undocumented experience, retracing connections between '90s home movie nostalgia, post-colonial identity and the disintegration of traditional family models. It’s a pop-culture meditation on hyper-consumerism and cultural erasure. Filmmaker Miko Revereza problematizes the personal questions linked with global implications, specifically the act of recording a film document without the possession of living documents.
A 6 year old girl named Emma uses her drawing skills to try to help out her father with his money problems and at the same time gain his love and attention that she craves.
HUM is an experimental animation of a man struggling to find inner peace before entering the afterlife. The transition states prepping for death refer to the three “bardo” from the Tibetan Book of Death: Ego lost, hallucination, and re-entry.
NUWA is a human/robot hybrid that has been infected with a weaponized computer virus. In order to destroy the A.I. superpower oppressing her people, NUWA must plug her consciousness into a global network and deliver the virus payload to the Queen Mother. Along the way NUWA will evade drone servants, connect with old friends and come to terms with her role in a future society that is almost certainly doomed…
In 2015, one of the wells at a gas storage facility in Porter Ranch blew out and spewed hazardous gas and chemicals. This film chronicles how the residents of Porter Ranch coped with the health effects and aftermath of the environmental crisis.
After struggling with depression all his life, a young man attempts suicide in his bathtub. As he bleeds out, he encounters the memory of his old school teacher and debates with him the merits of fighting on or letting go and passing away.
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Films from our 2017 Armed With a Camera Fellows

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, a man decides to get away to find himself, and he does, literally.

This film was made as part of Visual Communications' Armed With a Camera Fellowship for Emerging Artists, which develops the next generation of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists to capture their world and stories.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Tuan Quoc Le
  • Screenwriter
    Tuan Quoc Le, Chris Dinh
  • Producer
    Visual Communications, Jacquelyn Hernert, Viet Nguyen, Ashley Ruben
  • Executive Producer
    Visual Communications
  • Cinematographer
    Allen Ho
  • Editor
    Tuan Quoc Le
  • Composer
    David Frank Long