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After the trigger of a hate crime, an undocumented Indian American convenience store clerk comes crashing into his subconscious as he grieves the passing of his father during an attempted border crossing.
Sandra’s father feels increasingly foreign in his home country as globalization changes the country’s cultural landscape. She chronicles her father’s story in an effort to better understand him, and begins to recognize his struggle to assimilate in the U.S. as well as feel at home in the place he grew up.
This personal hybrid documentary unearths the complexities and nuances of the relationship between a Korean-American daughter and her immigrant mother. As the filmmaker creates her own images of her mother's life before motherhood, difficult questions of freedom, authorship, and filial responsibility emerge.
Jiawei finds a mysterious vial in her late mother's fridge that transforms her into their ancestors and descendants.
MANGO BABY is a series of fictionalized memories about sharing mangoes and extending care across time and diaspora. This film is dedicated to the director’s maternal grandparents, Gopa Chowdhry and Ruddrendra Kumar Ghose.
JR Kuo recounts the moment he received his green card after 27 years of being undocumented in the United States, and how the immigration system impacted his mental health and family.
An elderly Chinese woman with Alzheimer's wakes up alone in a motel room in America and can't remember how she got there. When her son and granddaughter show up, she starts to suspect that they might not actually be her family. As she slowly pieces everything together, she begins to wonder if these two people even care about her at all.
Ronnie, a middle aged Filipino father, moonlights nightly as a rideshare driver. What begins as a regular shift leads to the most awkward of passengers: his college-aged son Josh and his drunk friend. As the ride progresses, Ronnie and Josh’s emotional baggage emerges.
A father Kenny and his son Michael are visited one night by someone who claims to be Kenny’s sister, May. The only catch: Kenny believes May died years ago due to political upheaval. Over the course of the night, Aunt May helps Michael and Kenny reconnect one last time before Michael leaves for college.
CRASHING WHEELS ON CONCRETE follows the life of a young software engineer named Kat Sy who navigates through life’s ups and downs through her love of skateboarding. It treks from birth to present day, where we experience societal adversities such as sexism and racism and how for some, skateboarding is a means to navigate through the pains and beauty of life. The short is a meditation on the instabilities of adulthood and how one's passion for skateboarding helps stabilize the inevitable uncertainties of life.
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Films from our 2020 Armed With a Camera Fellows

As Dharmesh, an undocumented Indian American immigrant stands in front of a racial slur graffitied on the store front of his family's convenience store, he comes crashing through shades of grief into his subconscious between reality, memory and imagination, until reaching the acceptance of his father’s demise, carrying the weight of his family’s American dream.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    11 minutes
  • Language
    English, Gujarati
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Nirav Bhakta
  • Screenwriter
    Nirav Bhakta
  • Producer
    Kelsey Fordham, Alexcina Figueroa, Keertana Sastry
  • Executive Producer
    Visual Communications, Shivaani Sharma
  • Cast
    Nirav Bhakta, Asit Vyas, Rohan Singh
  • Editor
    Nirav Bhakta, Naman Gupta
  • Production Design
    Paige Henderson
  • Sound Design
    Hansdale Hsu