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Nevada County Cannabis in 2021 – Where are we now?

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Stream began January 23, 2021 9:00 PM UTC
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Nevada County Cannabis in 2021 – Where are we now?


After California legalized personal and commercial cannabis cultivation through Proposition 64 in 2017, Nevada County chose to be a leader in the Yuba River watershed by crafting and passing a local ordinance approved in 2019. Unfortunately, as of 2020, the County still has less than 100 farmers legally growing cannabis of an estimated 3,500. Then, like most of the state, Nevada County, the cannabis community, and the watershed were impacted by 2020 events – the COVID-19 pandemic, a local economic recession, and state wildfires. These impacts have highlighted the economic and social barriers to legalization. So where do we go from here?

Panelists include:

Diana Gamzon - Executive Director, Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

Craig Griesbach - Director, Nevada County Cannabis Compliance

John Foley - Owner, YellowDog Family Farms

Brooke McCommon - Owner, The Bloomfield Company

Moderator: Alecia Weisman - River Science Project Manager, SYRCL