2022 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival

Program 2

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Reckless Spirits
A gender-fluid Latine performance artist and a neurotic Asian American therapist are led by a series of uncanny circumstances into a world of chakras, spirits, and cult leader fanaticism.
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Prince is if you do it right, your art will get filtered through the lens of each individual that sees it or hears it, and bonds us to everyone experiencing the soundtrack of our lives. Prince is sexuality, race, gender, it's deciding if you're going to live because you listen to a song.
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Luv, Me
Two nerdy roommates struggle to agree on the definition of love while watching a k-drama.
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Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans and Queer Futures
Sean Dorsey creates stages for trans and queer performing artists.
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Oceanic: Queering the Ocean
Three dancers at Natural Bridges Beach reflect on climate change, COVID, sea level rise and personal loss.
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The Seeker
The Seeker arrives on earth and remembers who they are.
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Blind Angels: Durham, North Carolina
For Latino communities in the South, language barriers, immigration concerns, and other factors can create outsize risk for HIV. But in Durham, North Carolina, two friends are working to see that their community isn’t overlooked.
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Al Diablo
Found in an overwhelm of anti-trans policy and propaganda, a group of Latinx dancers take ownership of their identities.
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We wake up like after a death in the family, "Oh. it's raining and the world still has this piece cut out of it in the shape of him."

Where did my Prince collection go. It was carted away when I fucked up in the 80s and my shit got thrown in the street by annoyed girlfriends and never replaced cuz he was always there, on the radio, his fine arms around me. How did I never go to a prince show, it was always an after party at the DNA while I was driving people around and they would get in the car and say, "I saw him!"

Death will come for us one day and we will never have been his little private joy, but he will have been ours and that will be enough.

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  • Runtime
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    United States
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  • Director
    Daniel Foerste
  • Screenwriter
    Lynnee Breedlove, Daniel Foerste
  • Producer
    COMMANDO, The Living Earth Show
  • Cast
    Lynnee Breedlove, Honey Mahogany, Van Jackson-Weaver, Principal Dammit, Andy Meyerson, Juba Kalamka