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Brandon and Mason, ages eight and five, live through life as close brothers, always taught to look after one another. Their mother, Brittney, is a strong independent woman, their father they never met. Struggling to make ends meet, Brittney must pick up a second job to stay afloat, at a time that is most critical to her and the boys, as her primary job has begun cutting hours. As real life manages to take its toll on Brittney, Brandon and Mason are often left fending for themselves, home alone. 

They are routinely given strict orders and warnings from their mother, a list of do’s and mostly don’ts while she’s away. Brittney gets a last-minute job interview opportunity that she can’t pass up, and unable to find a babysitter, she decides to leave the boys home alone for a few hours while she attends the interview. The boys begin to use their playful imagination to keep busy: they wrestle, watch cartoons, have dance-offs, and every other thing they can think of. Driven by carefree youth, the boys enjoy and embrace an imagined world of their own.

Director’s Statement: Logan Jackson

August 27, 2009, midafternoon, my best friend and someone whom I called my brother, Brandon Elliott, arrived at his house just like any other day. Brandon arrived home to an empty house, which he routinely does day after day. He lives with his family, his mother, his siblings, and his father, all of whom are not there. Siblings are away, mother and father are away working. Brandon goes into his bedroom to relax, and no one is quite sure of the details of what happened next or what triggered it, but shortly after he enters his bedroom, Brandon has an epileptic seizure. He was found by his mother lying unconsciously on his floor.  

911 was immediately called and paramedics were rushed to the scene, but Brandon Elliott, a son and new father to a one-year-old son, was pronounced dead. Brandon was epileptic, his family knew, but his friends did not, because he lived life to the fullest, without limits or boundaries. His family later told us it had been over ten years since Brandon had last had an episode. 

I sought to make this film, to tell this story, to pay homage to Brandon, and to set a reminder to everyone that epilepsy is an incurable condition that has claimed the lives of many people regardless of age, background, or race. To those who have any loved ones dealing with this condition, be watchful and cherish every moment you have with them. Too many have fallen victim to the condition, too many too early, so watch this film and whether you like it or not that’s ok, but please heed its message...forever your friend, forever your brother, we miss you, rest in peace, Brandon.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Logan Jackson
  • Screenwriter
    Logan Jackson
  • Producer
    Dante Sims
  • Cinematographer
    Will Turner
  • Editor
    Logan Jackson
  • Music
    Gavin Brivik