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Co-hosted by the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition and the British Columbia Environmental Film Festival, we're unlocking a treasure trove of spellbinding Canadian and international aquatic-themed films

Join us as we explore the profound ties that bind us to this vast, life-giving water realm that continues to captivate, challenge, and nurture us. With every story told, we aim to ignite a spark of understanding, admiration, and respect for the invaluable gift that surrounds us.

So grab your virtual tickets, fasten your life vests, and brace yourselves for a cinematic voyage that promises to be as educational as it is thrilling. Here's your chance to join a crew of ocean enthusiasts as we navigate our way through a sea of learning, appreciation, and celebration during Ocean Week Canada!

James Lawson’s ties to British Columbia’s coast run deep. The young fisherman has spent his life harvesting herring, salmon, spot prawns, and clams across the region’s waters, but today, the longevity of his way of life is uncertain. Low fish stocks and a nefarious regulatory landscape that favours corporate interests over coastal communities are forcing more and more fishermen out of their livelihood.

Our Coast paints a portrait of James’s life as he prepares for the upcoming fishing season and reflects on the experiences along British Columbia’s coast that have shaped the person he is today. James’s goal is twofold: he looks to a future where fishermen can rest assured that their livelihood is secure, and where fish harvesters of all ages and backgrounds are valued for their knowledge of the marine ecosystems that support them.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Ella Van Cleave
  • Screenwriter
    James Lawson, Ella Van Cleave
  • Producer
    Ella Van Cleave
  • Cast
    James Lawson, Cailyn Siider