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Someone You Once Saw in a Dream
“Someone You Once Saw in a Dream” is an oneiric feminist surrealist film that acts as a poetic metaphor for the futility of feminine beauty standards, while the presence of lurking men permeate the film’s quaint athletics.
Birdie's dream
When and how do we get to the end of something? How do we make the decision to change? How does it feel when it's time to go? A meditative video-poem on leaving, change and the flow of time.
Dear Ceiling
A love letter from the floor to the ceiling spelled out in stop-motion text, “Dear Ceiling” is a playful invitation to imagine that the architecture around us is as full of spiritual and libidinous yearning as we are.
Your Dream is my Dream
We are one and we all dream the same dreams. Through a chorus of reoccurring dreams tracing impossibility, unpreparedness, self-consciousness, and loss, "Your Dream Is my Dream" explores ancestral memory, shared identity and the collective unconscious.
A 7-minute animated dream of displacement and apocalypse.
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this was meant to be for Nora
An animated interpretation of “this was meant to be for Nora" by Junie Desil, based on a dream about Jimi Hendrix and his grandmother, Nora Hendrix, who was a community leader in Hogan’s Alley in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver.
Closed captions available
Inspired by a poem of the same name, this videopoetry work immerses viewers in a world where passion and friendship intertwine to overcome life's challenges.
Healing Queen: Protect it
What happens when a Healing Queen faces the depth of heartbreak?
Build me a cottage (Constroi uma casinha)
Video poem made in an abandoned wool factory in Portugal, based on a poem of Fernado Pessoa.
We Are Not Familiar With A Generation That Has No Understanding Of Sadness
Constructing a narrative around the their fundamental research on the mimeograph, the artists use significant political texts and transcripts from history as a reference point to reflect upon the contemporary situation in Türkiye.
Moved before swallowed
"Moved before swallowed" is an erasure of Jeff Noon's 1993 science fiction novel, Vurt, and the 1985 BBC documentary, Sea Snakes: Friend or Foe, narrated by David Attenborough.
Stormers (Fırtına)
In "Stormers," the dynamic between two people in a relationship begins to shift when a third person arrives into their shared life.

Enter the dream state. Shared dreams, lucid dreams, unattainable dreams, waking dreams. These video poems are portals into ourselves and others where new associations and unexpected connections are crafted. We are suspended in the gravity of these pieces, our feet never quite touching solid ground as our emotional core soars. Using erasure, installation, tableaux, anthropomorphism, and live music, this showcase traverses the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious to imagine the multitude of pathways through reality. What will we wake up to?

(72 min TRT)

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Header photo credit: Birdie’s dream, dir. melisa yağmur saydı

Showcase title credit: Your Dream is my Dream, dir. Marina Sagona

Someone You Once Saw in a Dream is an oneiric feminist surrealist film that acts as a poetic metaphor for the futility of feminine beauty standards, while the presence of lurking men permeate the film’s quaint athletics.

💙 Honorable Mention for AVANT-GARDE REVISITED 💙

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    US Premiere
  • Subtitle Language
    with hardcoded English text
  • Director
    Eyrún Úa
  • Producer
    Eyrún Úa, Lee Lorenzo Lynch
  • Cast
    Vilborg Lóa Jónsdóttir, Lee Lorenzo Lynch, Eyrún Úa