Engauge Experimental Film Festival 2020

Program D: Perilous Experiments

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Stone is a short film entirely based on 15 chemically treated film stills from the remake film Diabolique, featuring Sharon Stone. It is an abstract remake of the remake of the original thriller Les Diaboliques.
Dada Ship
A Dadaist time travel film. A ship on the oceans of time, born out of a dream. Our dreams offer unparalleled luxury travel, after all. A celebration of all things queer and dada. A hand-made split-screen experimental film using the technique of disrupted stereoscopy and collage détournement of found images.
Layers of history merge with layers of media in this hybrid experimental film. An autobiographical ode to the filmmaker's family and what's left of their memories. A remediation exercise built by multi-layers of 16mm film, old Kodak slides and a digital computer screen. Filmed with an old DSLR camera at a specific angle in order to capture the ethereal reflections.
ASANASA (aka Lost Leaders #21) is a trippy trip through the boys-own histories of rocketry and space flight, a wry commentary on gendered fantasies of off-world exploration. The film comprises found footage specially sourced from a 16mm counter-archive, combined with meticulously hand-woven 35mm leaders and eccentric countdowns.
Yksi Kaksi Kolme
The last time I traveled the world, I couldn't leave for a long time because the portals were too flat. I had to wait until they got fatter. And now I'm here. The thing is why I take all these trips: I really want to send a message to my next self, the next Dagie. I fold the time, I press the spiral down one dimension less, from four to three, then two suddenly collapse and see each other! I don't know if that works and ... oh, now I'm in the supermarket, that's good, because I actually still need a little tube soup, frozen.
The Flame of the Spent Hour
Hour by hour the ancient face of repeated/ Beings changes, and hour by hour,/ Thinking, we get older./ Everything passes, unknown, and the knower/ Who remains knows he knows not./ But nothing, Aware or unaware, returns./ Equals, therefore, of what isn’t our equal,/ Let us preserve, in the heat we remember,/ The flame of the spent hour. —Ricardo Reis (Fernando Pessoa)
Phytography dives into the rich and varied world of plant chemistry. This collection of organic 'objets trouvés' demonstrates how nature generates multiple creative solutions, each one structured intricately. Through the application of a simple chemical process, the selected leaves, petals and stems have imprinted their own images on the film's emulsion.
Transparent, the world is.
The portrait of me and my daughters which depicts the relationship between “the personality” and “the world / the society” as of 2018. This is the story about an intense dichotomy inside / outside of me. It goes back and forth between “the personality” and “the world / the society”; my daughters become social / universal existences from personal existences.
I'm Not a Doctor
A glimpse in between two frames that ignite under the pressure of a gunpowder spark. Shot on location at the derelict site of Ballincollig's Gunpowder Mills, Co. Cork, Ireland.
Perilous Experiment
This three screen exploration of common word roots was letterpress printed on 16mm film leader.

Filmmakers explore the possibilities and promises of experimental film, working with found footage, handmade sequences, double exposures, animation, and digital post-production techniques. (60 min.)

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In this program:

  • Jeroen Van der Stock, Stone
  • Gwendolyn Audrey Foster, Dada Ship
  • * Federica Foglia, 04/19/68
  • * Matt Soar, ASANASA
  • * Dagie Brundert, Yksi Kaksi Kolme
  • Roger Deutsch, The Flame of the Spent Hour
  • * Karel Doing, Phytography
  • Yuri Muraoka, Transparent, the World Is
  • Michael Higgins, I’m Not a Doctor
  • * Ruth Hayes, Perilous Experiment

A glimpse in between two frames that ignite under the pressure of a gunpowder spark.

Shot on location at the derelict site of Ballincollig's Gunpowder Mills, Co. Cork, Ireland.

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    3 minutes
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  • Director
    Michael Higgins