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In This Time Dilation (Compression Remix)

Performers: Toby MacNutt, Nicole Dagesse

Videography: Toby MacNutt & Hanna Satterlee

Editor: Toby MacNutt

Music: Toby MacNutt

About Toby MacNutt

Toby MacNutt (they/them) is an artist, author, and teacher living in rural Vermont. Toby's dancemaking includes work on the ground, with mobility aids, and on aerial fabric and sling. Their current project A Singular They is a solo show using all their modalities and capturing the essence of embodied change as a variably-disabled, nonbinary trans person. Prior works include Enter the Void (durational deep-space performance installation with poetry, 2018) and One, Two (disabled/nondisabled hybrid ensemble cast, 2014); they have also made work for or performed with Abilities Dance Boston, AXIS Dance's Choreo-Labs, Lida Winfield, Heidi Latsky, and others.


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