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What These Things Contain

(world premiere: a FRESH WORKS! Commission)

Starting center is the romanticized Native full of bounty that is gradually stripped to the bones by the Church (two people) and then following the video goes into the boarding schools and reshaping of the Indigenous world by the Parental Government, Landa will remove the hidden bodies of children from each Spirit House and put them into the center of the stage for ceremonial burial, ending in the burden of these Spirit Houses placed on the backs of the Church which shaped it.

Performed by: Landa Lakes, Miso Hornay and Joseph William Copley

Costuming, Choreography, and Direction by: Landa Lakes

Assistant Director: Hung Phan

Music: Animalism by Tanya Taguq, Tongues by Tany Taguq, Colonizer by Tanya Taguq, The Unforgotten by Iskwe

About Landa Lakes

J Miko Thomas is a Chickasaw writer, musician, activist and artist. As drag persona Landa Lakes, in 2004, she founded drag performance groups in San Francisco including the Two-Spirit Native American drag troupe, the Brush Arbor Gurlz, and the creative and campy House of Glitter. She is also the Westcoast Mother of the Vogue House of Lauren, International, and is the recipient of the national pageant title Jewel of the Galaxy. Landa uses art to combine contemporary ideas with Native history and traditional stories to convey the shared experiences and understanding of human nature outside the colonized Christian perspective. Her notable honors include the New York Fresh Fruit Festival Performance Award, KQED LGBT Local Hero Award, and she was publicly elected as Grand Duchess 36 of the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco, a non-profit organization of which she is now the president. Thomas served as Co-Chair to the Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAIT-S) and is on the Board of the BAAIT-S Two-Spirit Powwow. Recently, she co-founded the Weaving Spirits Native Art Festival.


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